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What are High Manganese Steel Plates?

The High Manganese Plates (12–14%) are not magnetic by nature. They are made of steel that is austenitic. High impact abrasion or gouging abrasion, which may have the effect of hardening the material, are required in certain applications. When the surface of the manganese steel plate is repeatedly subjected to impact or abrasion, the plate has the capacity to harden. This High Manganese Steel Plates have higher toughness, which is a result of the high tensile strength it possesses. Additionally, it has a high degree of ductility, which makes it possible for the shock leads to be safely absorbed.

The original hardness for the “Hadfield” grade is somewhere about 220 Brinell. Surface hardening to above 550 Brinell will occur with prolonged compression and/or impact. It should be noted that just the skin’s surface on the outside hardens. The underlying layer is still very strong and ductile. The surface constantly renews itself, getting harder and tougher as it wears.

Austenitic steel, which is what manganese steel is, is not magnetic. It can be used for a variety of purposes thanks to this feature, including bottom plates for lifting magnets, separator drum shells for magnetic materials, and wear shoes for electric brakes, among others.

TThese plates are delivered in the condition after being water quenched over manganese steel at extremely high pressure. These steel plates are not magnetic and have an austenitic structure. These plates are given to customers with a Brinell hardness rating of up to 200HB. These materials become harder with continued use and maintenance, and their maximum hardness of 500 HB is considered extremely high.

Benefits of High Manganese Steel Plates

  • Resistance to heavy impact and extreme abrasion.
  • Will quickly harden to 550BHN.
  • Retains ductility the entire time.
  • The grade for Hadfield.
  • Is weldable.
  • Is non-magnetic in nature.
  • It can be cut using a laser, water jet, plasma, or oxy-acetylene torch.
  • Made to the strictest industry standards for long service life.

Applications High Manganese Steel Plates

  • Wheelabrator’s
  • Shake-Out Decks and Shot Blast Cabinets
  • Seal Bars After Sintering
  • Scrappers
  • Screens
  • Crusher linings
  • Buckets For Elevators And Graders
  • Balustrade Plates
  • Chutes of Stone
  • Bag Liners
  • Crusher Jaws\Hammers
  • Chain-Wearing Bars
  • A Grizzly Bar